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Family events

The  tempo of everyday life, the ever growing workload and work stress is negatively impacting on family life. Simply put, family life has been replaced by a plethora of obligations, and not to mention families spending quality free time together doing anything fun, recreational or creative has been replaced by time spent in front of a screen. Parents are starting to have major concerns with modern technology because of the way it’s impacting family time.
To help with bringing back quality family time we designed our activity HOP!

About Us

Our agency BLOO doo was created in 1992. From then we have continued to create animation programs...

Our Goals

To have a diverse programme that will encourage our guests to participate in activities.


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Office hours: 09:00 - 16:00


Pula, Sv.Teodora 2
Zagreb, Perkovćeva ulica 2 (novinarski dom)

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