Our Goals

Our Goals

Our vision

Towards Our Clients
We aim to provide the highest quality animation program, specifically tailored to the facilities available, the destination and our guests.

Towards our Animators
We aim to provide our Animators with ongoing personal development and training.

Towards our Guests
Towards our guests we aim to be hospitable and to instil in them the confidence to come and join in to all of our animation activities.

Our Mission

  • The selection and education of our Animators is key to a successful season. We have our own specialised way in ensuring we select the best people for the job, our original approach in creating the program continues in our approach to the selection and the education of our Animators.
  • The involvement of our partners in program design contributes to a smoothly running program and the ability to closely monitor and evaluate that program.


  • Our goal is to provide a variety of diverse activities to encourage our guests to join in.
  • Daily monitoring of the activities to ensure that there is quality feedback to the Animators.

Contact us

Office hours: 09:00 - 16:00


Pula, Sv.Teodora 2

Phone number

0800 40 44 00 WhatsApp 098 609 396