About us

About us

Our company BLOO doo has been actualising animation programs since 1992.
The brand Istra Animation Club, which began in the year 2000 gave us even more recognition in Croatia’s Tourism Industry. In 2007 we expanded to even include the whole of the Mediterranean Tourism Industry.
Throughout our many years of hosting activities we have designed a system of selection and training for our potential employees. We have created systems for monitoring and evaluation of these employee’s performances and lastly we aim to better our employees through professional development and excursions.
Our Animation programs and activities are put together by a specialised team. Our programs are equipped with materials such as costumes, set designs and props. These give our programs (specifically the children’s programs) variety, attractiveness and a visual component to participating in the activities.
By cataloguing our Animation Programs we have achieved better quality and standardisation of our services. This enables quality communication with our partners in regards to contracting and evaluating the services, as well as meeting the individual requirements of the client in the process of designing our programs.
Istra Animation Club believes that the job of a Tourist Animator is an attractive, demanding job with many responsibilities. It will enable employees to develop personal competence and industry skills all while receiving adequate pay and accommodation.  Within the selection and training of our employees we expect a high level of knowledge in regards to foreign languages and in turn we will train our employees in the areas of hospitality, how to approach guests, teamwork, maintaining energy, socialising with guests and creating an atmosphere for them. These new skills will lead to raising our Animators self confidence.
With a professional approach in designing our services we achieve transparent business relationships and in the implementation of business cooperation we offer security and reliability in the execution of the agreed services. We are a quality business partner who can respond to all requests and expectations of the guests within the animation segment.
We consider our leading attribute and comparative advantage the level of quality and self - development of our animation content for children and adults; and the theatrical approach to their development.

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